Coarse's Casting Shadows

Coarse Toys came out with this new very limited toy called Casting Shadows. It's a very awesome toy that is highly detailed and came with an interesting background story about two friends 'nism' and 'noop'.

Consists of two vinyl figures - longing nism [4"] & huddled noop [7"], string + fabric kite [14"] and a set of c-o-a-r-s-e type leaves. It will be on sale exclusively at coarsehkg on May 3, 2011. Only 200 units available worldwide!

via Coarse

Freerunning at night

I couldn’t sleep so I stayed up late at night to do some brainstorming on a design for Toshikage Jino’s box. Went through tons of mangas, vids and pictures on parkour and at last i decided on a pose. After finish designing the front cover of the box, I was still fully awake so i did a rendered image of Jino ‘gliding’ through the nights in KL. Time to hit the bed. Enjoy and cheers~!


Toshikage’s W.I.P Part 5

At last updates on our Toshikage and we are pleased to say we are very pleased with the result. We are very excited to see him coming to life! Below are the different views of Toshikage in flesh! (errm..vinyl ,lol) Cheers and enjoy!



front view

right view

right view

behind view

back view

left view

left view


logo under right foot


That’s all for now folks but stay tune for more process on him :)