Wello! (Welcome & Hello)

Oh Hai!

Welcome to our official blog. We shall be sharing about the happenings revolving around Dorimuko particularly with our toys, people who we work with, events, developments, interesting stuff and etc etc. Who's 'We'? Well, it's gonna be me (Jorge) and Jin working together to manage this blog by taking turns for the update or together we shall come up with something to post up from time to time.

We don't wanna make this sounds like it's all about us so, it should be about others as well right. There are countless fantastic things out there to blog about: toys, artists, urban cultures, fashions and many many more. Whatever we dig, we shall share it with you as well!

So stay tune, folks!

PS: I am not a good writer, so I am sorry if I bore you =P

Best regards,
Jin & Jorge

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