Amazing street inventions: FreeRider Skatecycle by Brooklyn Workshop

This is what every kids should have in their homes. I’m already been thinking of owning one myself!

imageIntroducing….the amazing FreeRider Skatecycle!


These guys deserves our utmost respect. To come up with this cool product, 10 years were used but all is not in vain because after you see the photos and vid clips below you will be dreading for one as well! The launch of the Skatecycle is accompanied by a 2010 IDEA award. Alon Karpman began designing the skatecycle 10 years ago and it was quite a journey. This award also entitles them the entry into the permanent collection at the Henry Ford Museum. Check out their website and have a look!


Don’t try this at home – Brookyln Workshop


image image

Tron skatecycle!


Gonna add this to my wishlist…the question now is..who’s gonna get it for me? :)

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