Daft Punk x Coca Cola

Following the last post about Daft Punk's helmets, here is the latest update on other DP stuff. Via Pitchfork and Spaceghetto, Daft Punk is collaborating with Coca Cola to produce their own collectible bottle design which probably will be known as 'Daft Coke' or 'Club Coke'. How cool is that?! Love DP, Love Coke. Not much information about it yet and I don't even know whether it is believable or not. There's even this website www.daftcoke.com which could be the official page for the product but there's nothing in there yet.

The bottles will come in 2 colorways and they are likely to be inspired by the Daft Punk helmets. Besides that, you can be sure that the package for these two bottles will be nicely designed too. Drink from DaftCoke and you might get derezzed.

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