The Talented Ones: Dylan Van Loggerenberg

Was browsing through the Qee 2005 catalogues which came with the ‘blind box’ series and I got interested in one of the earlier designers for Toy2r's 2005 Qees series by the name of Kerb. I googled the word and a name came up: Dylan Vanl Loggerenberg so I looked him up and Woaw,his work amazed me! His works can be found on this own blog: or his website You can play some of the flash games on as well. As for me, I’m all for Patapon’!


You can create your own Patapon Wallpaper after you finish beating the game,that’s fun!


2005 Toy2r mini catalogue


A cut scene from Piston Junkies! Check out the vid below!( Wantonly violent, drug-huffing,dog-munching motorcyclists in a disturbingly cutesy future cityscape? definitely a no no to young audience.)

Poor lil’ cute puppy…

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